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Mittraroon Bochakkapan





          "Stargazer" or "Pah" producer electronic music inspired by the music of the 80's Disco and a mixtape of his childhood as Abba, Bonny m, Bee Gees and Michael Jackson.His passion for music. Disco and Electronica's since childhood. Interest in music and the music started to play DJ and DJ since 2002.Stargazer had been a drummer for indie rock band called Marilyn Suckin Nancy (Burning Starr) The song has been nominated in the Fat Awards2 "Bed room band of the year 2003"

With a passion for music and like to listen to rock music and electronic music at the Stargazer has made itself heard, and I want people to listen. Inspired by the music of the New Wave music, disco and break dance in the 80's.
Music and rock and electronica mixed in the 90's Sound through the sound a drum machine synthesizer, guitar synthesizer's go make the song "Hello Stranger" by the concept of the song. Musician and composer.Gramaphone Children to help with the lyrics and Cyndi Seiu a Co-producer of this music can be up to Fat Radio Chart in the Top 9# .Memory Machine The second single from the album, Kitsch Cat 2 into the Top 40 of the Fat Chart in 2012 and is now preparing to do the same on their own albums. The group works on behalf Superrzaaap! Dj's.


          Other works, such as music publishing. Music, TV and movie soundtracks. To be remembered. Music to 5live (2008-2009), Radio Jingle Seed Radio 97.5 fm (2010-2011) Sountdrack, OST & Movie Score from "Slice" (Five Star) ( ' Supannahong Award ' for Best Film Score), and events such as Music Theme for World Expo 2010 (Thailand Pavilion), Music Theme for Seed awards 2011 & 2012 launch to follow-up at

          The DJ Stargazer began studying music since 2002 and has been studying and collecting experience. And turn-based.
Club or Astra, Club 808, Club Culture, Demo, Glow, Cafe De moc event including the Festival Pattaya Music Festival (Thailand), Big Mountain Music Festival (Thailand), Together Music Festival (Thailand)., BaybeachMusic Festival (Singapore), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore), Avalon Music Festival (Singapore).


          Stargazer paired with DJ Supersonic and together as a group Superrzaaap! Dj's and get a chance to be opening for artists in the world such as Justice , Groove Armada, 12th Planet, Stave Aoki, Bloody Beatroot, Boyz Noise, Locan Mak, Major Lazor, Mustard Pimp, Mumbai Science, Surkin, Strip Steve, Boris Dlugosch, Simian Mobile Disco, Digitalism, Marvin & Guy Etc.

          Stargazer current presentation slides themselves with music in the Electro, Techno, Nu disco, Indie Dance, Funky, Progressive House, and smells like the soundtrack of Rock, Alternative, 80's and New Romantique.

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